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* [[How to use the Yocto Project to develop Embedded Linux]]
* IGEP COM MODULE Boot Pin-out
* [ How to prepare a ready to boot firmware]
* [[The bootloader U-Boot|U-Boot Bootloader]]
* [[Linux Kernel 4.9.y|Linux Kernel]]
* [ IGEP Firmware set-up]
* [[How to prepare a bootable MicroSD Card|Boot from MicroSD Card]]
* [[How to Flash the System into the NAND/eMMC|Boot from NAND/eMMC flash.]]
* [ Update Installed IGEP Firmware]
* [[DM3730|IGEP COM MODULE SoC: DM3730]]
* [ Datasheet]
* [ Mechanical]
* Software Manual
* [ Hardware Manual]
* [ Official IGEP Firmware]
* [ Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 LTS ARM Hard Float]
* [ Debian Stretch ARM Hard Float]
* [ Yocto Pyro ARM Hard Float]
* [ Buildroot ARM Hard Float]
==<span dir="auto">Getting started with IGEP COM MODULE<br /></span>==
* [[Getting started with IGEP COM MODULE|Getting Started with IGEP COM MODULE]]
==<span id="Yocto_Guides" class="mw-headline">Yocto Guides</span>==
* [[How to use the Yocto Project to develop Embedded Linux]]