How to setup the IDC10 cable

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How to Prepare the IDC10 to DB9 Cable for use it with a USB232 Serial Conversor on IGEPv2-RC Series

Check your DB9-to-Flat Cable


The IDC10 to DB9 Cable looks like a DB9-to-Flat spare Cable from a Personal PC but is different.

If you have a DB9-to-Flat spare Cable from a Personal PC, you have to consider that it has pin-to pin connection and that this doesn't correspond to the IGEP (J960) serial connector. In this case you have to modify your DB9-to-Flat spare Cable in order to use only pins 2,3,5

pin DC9 - pin IGEP (J960)

  2    -    2
  3    -    3
  5    -    5

Necessary Material

  1. IDC10 to DB9 Cable.
  2. Cutter.
  3. Scissors.
  4. IGEPv2 Hardware Reference Manual.

DSC 0164.JPG


The first step it's to separate the wires 5 and 6 for it you should start count from the red mark (the red mark it's the first, wire = 1) you should count 5 wires then you should do a cut between wires 5 and 6.

DSC 0168.JPG

This is the result for the cut between wire 5 and 6.

DSC 0169.JPG

Now you must cut the unnecessary wires (wires 6 to 10).

DSC 0172.JPG

And the final result.

DSC 0176.JPG

Now you're ready for test the result:

DSC 0177.JPG

Serial Port Setup 

You can use minicom, putty or several programs for connect to the debug serial port .

Cable Type

If your terminal not prints out text check the pinouts of your serial cable. In most cases you need a 'null modem cable'.