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draft: first version based on Maemo wiki contribution guidelines

Creating articles in the wiki is a collaborative process. After you have written your piece others may:

  • Edit
  • Alter
  • Adapt
  • Add

So don't worry about making your article perfect the first time through, don't hesitate to add content you think is useful and don't hesitate to make edits where you think you can help. There's always somebody to fix anything that breaks.

In general in we follow the conventions and formatting of Wikipedia.

Where to start

Before creating a new page, you should first make sure that a page on your topic does not already exist:

  1. In the search box in the upper right corner, enter your topic.
  2. If the exact topic exists, the page will open.
  3. If there are related pages, you will get a search results page. Check if your topic is in the results.
  4. if your topic does not exist, choose create this page.

How to edit a page

If you'd like to change a page.

  1. Make sure that you are logged in to
  2. Click the Edit link in the right column.
  3. Enter your changes in the box.
  4. In the Summary box, enter a short explanation of what you did.
  5. Click Show preview if you want to check your changes.
  6. Click Save page.


  • Keep your writing informative and not too casual, not too formal.
  • Avoid gratuitously using technical language, explain or define terms which might reasonably be unknown to a reader.
  • If you need to use acronyms, explain them with the first use.
  • Page names should be short and to the point.
    • The page name is a label, not a sentence.
    • Use spaces. NoCamelCase (i.e., use "Root access" instead of "RootAccess").
    • Use sentence capitalization for page titles. Only proper nouns should be capitalised after the first word (eg. Contributing to MeeGo is OK, Contributing To The Wiki is not)

For more information, see the Wikipedia Style Guide.

Formatting uses MediaWiki formatting (the same as used on Wikipedia, for example). For simple formatting, use the buttons above the edit box. For more information see:

Work in progress articles

Check the list of work in progress articles at the IGEP Community Wiki.