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This article contains information about HOWTO use IGEP CAM OV5640 (CAMR0030) with IGEP processor boards.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

This software is provided entirely and is not licensed for any use other than evaluation purposes of the IGEP technology based devices.

Please see the corresponding sections above for details.


IGEP SMARC i.MX6 has support for IGEP CAM OV5640, download or compile latest Yocto Project 1.8 - Poky 13.0.y "Fido".

The following steps and results has been tested with IGEP SMARC Expansion (BASE0040)

Resolutions and frame rates for IGEP SMARC I.MX6

The following table shows the available resolutions:

Resolution Capture mode Available frame rates per second Captured frame rates per second
QCIF (176x144) 7 15/30 30
QVGA (320x240) 1 15/30 30
VGA (640x480) 0 15/30 27,41
NTSC (720x480) 2 15/30 30
PAL (720x576) 3 15/30 30
XGA (1024x768) 8 15/30 26,37
720p (1280x720) 4 15/30 28,44
1080p (1920x1080) 5 15 14
QSXGA (2592x1944) 6 15 6,5

Gstreamer pipes for IGEP SMARC I.MX6


See available fps-n parameters into Available frame rates per second column from table.

See available capture-mode parameters into Capture mode from column table

  • Stream video to main display output:
export DISPLAY=:0.0; gst-launch imxv4l2src fps-n=30 capture-mode=3 device=/dev/video0 ! imxv4l2sink 
  • Save RAW video:
gst-launch imxv4l2src fps-n=30 capture-mode=3 device=/dev/video0 ! filesink location=sample.yuv 

  • Capture jpeg image:
gst-launch imxv4l2src fps-n=15 capture-mode = 6 num-buffers=1 device=/dev/video0 ! ffmpegcolorspace ! jpegenc ! filesink location=sample.jpg 


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