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= Changelog =
= Changelog =
*[http://git.isee.biz/?p=pub/scm/u-boot-arm.git;a=commit;h=081334a21abd79d000958f0337ad85afe924816e Release 2014.01-0-omap5]  
*[http://git.isee.biz/?p=pub/scm/u-boot-arm.git;a=commit;h=44efc5c2396dc80b426384ea5a19c27873c881f3 Release 2014.01-0-omap5]  
**First release for 2014.01.y series
**First release for 2014.01.y series

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This article is for specific 2014.01.y U-Boot branch serie.
It is interesting read The bootloader U-Boot article previously.

On this 2014.01.y version, supported IGEP Processor Boards are:

  • IGEPv5 (IGEP0050)

Binaries: latest stable u-boot version is: 2014.01-0-omap5 (20140131)

Platform Sources SPL binary U-Boot binaries
 IGEP0050  2014.01-0-omap5 (md5sum) MLO-2014.01-0-omap5.bin (md5sum) u-boot-2014.01-0-omap5.img (md5sum)

Build u-boot from sources

Download the latest stable version sources and follow next steps:

wget http://downloads.isee.biz/pub/releases/uboot/v2014.01-0-omap5/u-boot-2014.01-0-omap5.tar.gz
tar xzf u-boot-2014.01-0-omap5.tar.gz
cd [u-boot version]

or from ISEE GIT Repository

git clone git://git.isee.biz/pub/scm/u-boot-arm.git 
cd u-boot-arm/
git checkout origin/u-boot-2014.01.y -b u-boot-2014.01.y.local

Also, it could download from GIT Repositories (http://git.isee.biz/) and test the last unstable version at your own risk (see "U-Boot Mainline Series" chapter in The bootloader U-Boot)

Configure U-Boot for IGEPv5 device.

make CROSS_COMPILE=[your cross compiler] omap5_igep0050_config

Then build the SPL and the u-boot image. The result will be an MLO file and an u-boot.img file in current directory. Execute:

make CROSS_COMPILE=[your cross compiler]