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How to use the Yocto Project to develop Embedded Linux

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==='''How to build ISEE Yocto Project SDK'''===
Developers can build ISEE Yocto Project SDK in order to use it at their convenience. First of all a SDK installed will be produced and then developers will user the SDK installer in their Host machines to install all ISEE Yocto Project SDK components.
To produce the SDK installer run this command after sourcing Yocto environment (source oe-init-build-env).
bitbake -c populate_sdk igep-image-name
It is also posible to build an extensible SDK with
bitbake -c populate_sdk_ext igep-image-name
The resulting SDK installer script can be found in
==='''How to use ISEE Yocto Project SDK'''===
In order to use the ISEE Yocto Project SDK first of all the Installer script must be run in the Host machine where it is intended to develop the software:
Once it is installed the environment must be set up with the source script in
After the environment is set up developers can already compile and debug aplications. It can also be used qemu emulator available in  folder to emulate target applications.