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Yocto is expecting the host system to have preinstalled packages. Depending on the type of development, the host system will need more or less packages. On Ubuntu / Debian here is a table depending on the type of development.
{{Message/Information Message|title=TITLE|message=If you dont know the type of development we recommend you to start with Essential}} 
=== ==={{Message/Information Message|title=TITLE|message= <div class="confluence-information-macro-body">If your build system has the <code class="filename">oss4-dev</code> package installed, you might experience QEMU build failures due to the package installing its own custom <code class="filename">/usr/include/linux/soundcard.h</code> on the Debian system. If you run into this situation, either of the following solutions exist: <pre class="literallayout"> $ sudo apt-get build-dep qemu $ sudo apt-get remove oss4-dev</pre></div>}  ==='''Yocto Project Set up'''===
== ==
==Build Platform Setup Environment==