How to create a SD-card with the latest software image

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Information.jpg This How-To was tested with an Ubuntu 10.04 host machine, but most of the contents are valid also for other GNU/Linux distributions.

There is no guarantee that this will work on other distributions.

Start session in a Linux PC. The first thing you'll do is download latest firwmare from the ISEE site.

Download it from the Software / IGEP Firmware section of your board: for IGEPv2 for IGEP COM MODULE for IGEP COM PROTON

Next, open a Terminal to untar the firmware you have just donwloaded and enter to the directory:

tar xzf poky-firmware-3.3.1-11.tar.gz
cd poky-firmware-3.3.1-11/

Insert your SD card into the host machine (the machine you downloaded the firmware), and run following command

./poky-media-create --mmc [device] --binary poky-image-sato-igep00x0-[timestamp].tar.gz --machine [machine]


  • [device] is the SD card device name, for example: /dev/sdb
  • [timestamp] is the timestamp of tar.gz file
  • [machine] is the machine name, options are
    • igep0020
    • igep0030
    • igep0032

Finally plug the MicroSD card into IGEP Processor Board and power up your board.