Getting started with IGEP SMARC PXA2128

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This is the 1/3 chapter of the Getting Started with IGEP SMARC PXA2128 Tutorial Guide. In this first chapter, we will learn:

  • Download software
  • Burn Software in SD Card
  • Booting
Information.jpg This tutorial has been tested using version 2017.03 u-boot and Linux Kernel 4.9.81

1. Download Software


$ wget


$ wget


$ wget

2. Burn Software  in SD Card

Now we can see an image of which are the steps to boot any module.

With a general processor all start with MLO file and U-Boot.img. Also it is the same procedure for Freescale- NXP. If you want to see how to create these files follow this.

Next step is that once the processor is initialized,call the Linux kernel making the execution of  your operative system available.

Finally your OS runs and you can initialize the board correctly 

How to SD.PNG

To boot from MicroSD Card follow this link.

I'ts necessary compile linux kernel and install the modules in your Rootfs, the tutorial is in the following link:

Linux Kernel 4.9.y

3. Booting

You can test your new microSD card with a Serial client such as PuTTy. Here is an explanation about how to configure it.

(Note that speed should be configured to 115200 bauds).

If you already have configured it or you are using another Serial client and you have connected the Serial cable to the IGEP0034 board, then you are ready to test your microSD.

Insert the microSD in your IGEP0034 board and power up the board.

Upon completion, you will be ready to continue with chapter 2/3 that explains more advanced tasks.

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