Using IGEP WLAN to communicate

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Information.jpg In this guide is used IGEP firmware Yocto


If your IGEP Processor Board has WIFI interface you can connect to it without any cable. You can open a SSH session in your computer and interact with your Board from your console. Here is how to.


There are some requisites to follow this guide:

  • IGEP Processor Board with WIFI
  • Host computer with WIFI
  • PuTTy program

Connect to IGEP network

Follow these steps to connect to your IGEP device:

  • Click on the Network Manager Tray icon.
  • Select IGEP_<xx> network, where <xx> is different for every IGEP device, to connect.
Igep wificon1.png Igep wificon2.png

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Connect to IGEP

Follow these steps to get a remote shell prompt:

  • Open PuTTy program
  • Host Name:
  • Port: 22
  • Connection type: SSH
  • Click Open, accept Security Alert and login as root user
Igep wifiputty1.png Igep wifiputty2.png
Igep wifiputty3.png Igep wifiputty4.png

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Note that a DHCP IP address in range should be given to your host PC. The IGEP device should have IP address


NFS in root filesystem

Don't use NFS in root filesystem combined with WIFI

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