Update installed IGEP Firmware

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(from How to flash the latest software image)

Now you should have a booted IGEP board with latest IGEP firmware

running from MicroSD card, you can write the firmware to the flash memory.

Enter to the IGEP Processor Board using 'root' as login name and an 'empty password', enter to the /opt/firmware and run the igep-flash script

igep-flash --image /opt/firmware/demo-image-sato-igep00x0.tar.bz2

When finish, power off your board, unplug the micro-SD card and power on the board. That's all, enjoy the new firmware running from the flash memory.

NOTE: You can speed up flash procedure. By default the

flash script runs the nandtest command to mark bad blocks, this can take a long time and in most cases is not necessary, you can speed up the flash procedure running the script as follows:

igep-flash --image /opt/firmware/demo-image-sato-igep00x0.tar.bz2 --skip-nandtest