U-Boot 2015.04.y

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Build u-boot from sources

Download from ISEE GIT Repository

git clone git://git.isee.biz/pub/scm/u-boot-fslc.git
cd u-boot-fslc/
git checkout origin/isee-imx-patches-2015.04 -b u-boot-2015.04.y.local

Also, it could download from GIT Repositories (http://git.isee.biz/) and test the last unstable version at your own risk (see "U-Boot Mainline Series" chapter in The bootloader U-Boot)

Configure U-Boot for IGEP SMARC iMX6 device.(select quad -> imx6q or dual lite -> imx6dl)

make CROSS_COMPILE=[your cross compiler] mx6qarm2_defconfig
 make CROSS_COMPILE=[your cross compiler] mx6dlarm2_defconfig

Then build the SPL and the u-boot image. The result will be an MLO file and an u-boot.img file in current directory. Execute:

make CROSS_COMPILE=[your cross compiler]