The IGEP X-loader vs The U-Boot

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ISEE offers two different bootloaders for OMAP3 processor boards. This post will explain the main differences between IGEP X-loader vs the U-Boot loader.

IGEP X-loader is a custom isee bootloader that will allow us to boot OMAP3 IGEP modules. IGEP U-Boot bootloader is a fork of the U-Boot project by isee and is implemented to boot also OMAP3 IGEP modules.

Both bootloaders fill their purpose in loading the next booting software but u-boot offers wide versatily and functionalities over IGEP-X-Loader, however IGEP-X-Loader being simple means that it is faster at booting an igep board.

It is highly recommended that first the users try to boot their OMAP3 processors with U-Boot bootloader and if they do not succeed or feel the need of experimenting with faster software then they can give a try to igep-x-loader.