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The TPS65910 device is an integrated power-management IC available in 48-QFN package and dedicated to applications powered by one Li-Ion or Li-Ion polymer battery cell or 3-series Ni-MH cells, or by a 5-V input; it requires multiple power rails. The device provides three step-down converters, one step-up converter, and eight LDOs and is designed to support the specific power requirements of OMAP-based applications.

Block Diagram

custom diagram 4 TPS65910.gif


  • Embedded Power Controller
  • Two Efficient Step-Down DC-DC Converters for Processor Cores
  • One Efficient Step-Down DC-DC Converter for I/O Power
  • One Efficient Step-Up 5-V DC-DC Converter
  • SmartReflex Compliant Dynamic Voltage Management for Processor Cores
  • 8 LDO Voltage Regulators and One Real-Time Clock (RTC) LDO (Internal Purpose)
  • One High-Speed I2C Interface for General-Purpose Control Commands (CTL-I2C)
  • One High-Speed I2C Interface for SmartReflex Class 3 Control and Command (SR-I2C)
  • Two Enable Signals Multiplexed with SR-I2C, Configurable to Control any Supply State and Processor Cores Supply Voltage
  • Thermal Shutdown Protection and Hot-Die Detection
  • An RTC Resource With:
    • Oscillator for 32.768-kHz Crystal or 32-kHz Built-in RC Oscillator
    • Date, Time, and Calendar
    • Alarm Capability
  • One Configurable GPIO
  • DC-DC Switching Synchronization Through Internal or External 3-MHz Clock


  • LED driver
  • Two pulse width modulation (PWM) generators, PWM0 and PWM1
  • Embedded 10-bit ADC with 3 to 8 external inputs
  • Real-time clock (RTC) module and retention modules
  • HS inter-integrated circuit I2C™ serial control
  • Thermal shutdown protection and hot-die detection
  • Keypad up to 8 x 8 matrix.


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