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RADR0010 consists on IGEP RADAR LAMBDA and IGEP RADAR SENSOR ORION, two [ K-Band] Radar Sensor Technology Demonstrators. They are designed for using World-Wide [ 24GHz ISM Band].
This boards '''are compatible with many Processor Boards''' to Control and Signal Processing.<br> Complete Option is compatible with IGEPv2, IGEP COM MODULE, BEAGLEBOARD and GUMSTIX OVERO.<br>
The baseband '''IGEPv2 carries the digital processing''' and implements the '''communication with the user system'''.
The software includes some '''open source basic functions''' in order users can easily build their own specific application. It is also included an easy way to '''configure and collect data from the radar'''.
{{Message/Information Message|title=|message=For more information, visit the '''[{{#lst:Template:Links|IGEP_RADAR_ISEE_MainPage}} main IGEP RADAR]''' site from ISEE.}}