Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Toolchain

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Install apps, libraries or dev packages
==Install apps, libraries or dev packages==
To install a package of the non-default architecture just specify that architecture on the command line:
<pre>apt-get install package:architecture</pre>
That package's dependencies will be installed automatically for the correct architectures (same-arch library deps, machine-arch for other deps) e.g
<pre><span id="line-1-9" class="anchor"></span>apt-get install links:armhf</pre><pre><span id="line-1-10" class="anchor"></span>dpkg -i package_version_architecture.deb<span id="line-2-1" class="anchor"></span>dpkg -r package:architecture</pre> 
===Installing cross-dependencies===
To install build-dependencies of a package before cross-building: