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* The Yocto project documentation ( )
* The Openembedded website ( )
=='''How to build Poky custom Poky Linux distribution'''==
Yocto will be built on a host machine targeting and igep board. It will use Poky software to generate the custom linux distribuion Linux distribution. Before starting with yocto, you need to set up the host machine.
==='''Host Setup'''===
Yocto is expecting the host system to have preinstalled packages. Depending on the type of development, the host system will need more or less packages. On Ubuntu / Debian here is a table depending on the type of development.
sudo apt-get build-dep qemu<br data-attributes="%20/">sudo apt-get remove oss4-dev
==='''Yocto Project Setup'''===
In order to create a custom linux distribution; we will download the yocto project.
Produces a minimal rootfs, u-boot, Kernel image and DTB for ISEE AM335x products.
=== ======'''Types of custom Poky Linux Distributions'''===
Meta-isee is the layer that provides you the support to build your own custom poky linux distribution. In fact it provides you a set of predefined images that will build some components, like focusing on building the minimal set of components required to boot an igep board or building more complicated distributions with X capabilites or even build an image with a Sato or LXDE Desktop.
| style="width: 124px;"|20MB to X MB
=== ===
==='''Compatibility Chart'''===
Not all images are compatibles with all the igep machine product. Here is the compatibility chart to guide you what you can/can't build depending on your igep board.