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='''What is Yocto Project'''=
The Yocto Project™ is an open source collaboration project that provides templates, tools and methods to help you create custom Linux-based systems for embedded products regardless of the hardware architecture.
Taken directly from the Yocto Project website:
* The Openembedded website ( )
=='''Why use the Yocto Project™ '''==
Because it's a complete embedded Linux development environment with tools, metadata, and documentation - everything you need. The free tools are easy to get started with, powerful to work with (including emulation environments, debuggers, an Application Toolkit Generator, etc.) and they allow projects to be carried forward over time without causing you to lose optimizations and investments made during the project’s prototype phase. The Yocto Project fosters community adoption of this open source technology allowing its users to focus on their specific product features and development
=='''How to build Poky custom Linux distribution'''==
Yocto will be built on a host machine targeting and igep board. It will use Poky software to generate the custom linux distribuion Linux distribution. Before starting with yocto, you need to set up the host machine.
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===Yocto  Yocto Project Set up===<span id="bs_template:@@@TPL2@@@" class="mceNonEditable template" data-bs-name=" Message/Information Message" data-bs-type="template" data-bs-id="2">{{ Message/Information Message }}</span>
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==Build Platform Setup Environment==