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<div class===· "feat">* Embedded Power===Controller* Two efficient stepdown converters Efficient Step-Down DC-DC Converters for processor coresProcessor Cores* One efficient stepdown converter Efficient Step-Down DC-DC Converter for input/output (I/O) powerPower* SmartReflex™One Efficient Step-compliant dynamic voltage management for the processor core* Three lowUp 5-dropout regulators (LDOs) for phaseV DC-locked loops (PLLs) and digital-to-analog converter (DAC)DC Converter* Seven miscellaneous linear regulator supplies SmartReflex Compliant Dynamic Voltage Management for peripherals ===· Audio===Processor Cores* Voice codec* 158 LDO Voltage Regulators and One Real-bit linear codec Time Clock (8 kHz/16 kHzRTC)* Differential input main microphone and submicrophone LDO (for noise cancellationInternal Purpose)* SingleOne High-ended handsSpeed I<sup>2</sup>C Interface for General-free input* Differential 32Purpose Control Commands (CTL-W speaker and 16-W headset driversI<sup>2</sup>C)* 8One High-W stereo class-D drivers* Pulse-code modulation (PCM)Speed I<sup>2</sup>C Interface for SmartReflex Class 3 Control and Command (interSR-IC sound [I2S™]I<sup>2</time-division multiplexing [TDM]sup>C) interfaces* Bluetooth® voice interfaceTwo Enable Signals Multiplexed with SR-I<sup>2</sup>C, Configurable to Control any Supply State and Processor Cores Supply Voltage* Automatic level control (ALC) functionThermal Shutdown Protection and Hot-Die Detection* Ability to mix paths in digital and analog domainsAn RTC Resource With:* 16* Oscillator for 32.768-bit linear audio stereo DAC (96 kHz, 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz, Crystal or 32 -kHz, and derivatives)* 16Built-bit linear audio stereo analog-to-digital (ADC) (48 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 32 kHz, and derivatives)in RC Oscillator* PLL for audio codec with 256*Fs or 128*Fs generation* Carkit (CEA-936A) ===· Charger===* Li-ionDate, Li-polymerTime, and manganese-cobalt chargerCalendar* AC regulated charger (maximum 7 V)* Universal serial bus (USB) charger (CEA-936A)Alarm Capability* Backup battery charger ===· USB===One Configurable GPIO* USB 2.0 OTGDC-compliant high-speed (HS) transceivers* 12-bit USB transceiver macrocell interface (UTMI)+ low pin interface (ULPI)* USB power supplies (5 V, DC Switching Synchronization Through Internal or External 3 V)* Carkit-compliant CEA936 and multiple channels per carrier (MCPC)MHz Clock