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Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Toolchain

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Installing cross-dependencies
<span id="line-2-1" class="anchor"></span>dpkg -r package:architecture</pre>
===Installing cross-dependencies===
To install build-dependencies of a package before cross-building: <span id="line-118" class="anchor"></span><span id="line-119" class="anchor"></span><span id="line-120" class="anchor"></span>
<pre><span id="line-1-11" class="anchor"></span>apt-get build-dep -a </pre>This only works when all the 'tools' packages depended-on are marked <tt>Multi-Arch: foreign</tt>, any depended-on libraries which are also needed on the BUILD machine, and -dev packages which are needed for both HOST and BUILD architectures are made co-installable ('Multi-Arch: same' with arch-qualified paths), and any exceptions to the default rules are marked <tt>package:any</tt> or <tt>package:native</tt> in the package source. This process is ongoing. <span id="line-123" class="anchor"></span><span id="line-124" class="anchor"></span>
When it doesn't work you can often get the dependencies installed with a manual apt-get line: <span id="line-125" class="anchor"></span>e.g instead of <span id="line-126" class="anchor"></span><span id="line-127" class="anchor"></span>
<pre><span id="line-1-12" class="anchor"></span>apt-get build-dep -a armhf acl</pre>, do<span id="line-128" class="anchor"></span><span id="line-129" class="anchor"></span><span id="line-130" class="anchor"></span>
<pre><span id="line-1-13" class="anchor"></span>apt-get install autoconf automake debhelper gettext libtool libattr1-dev:armhf</pre>