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Getting started with IGEP NEW YORK

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== How to identify New York revisions ==
IGEP New York has two different revisions: ILMS0015-RA1 and ILMS0015-RA2. It is important to know which revision you possess, because RA2 can be powered at 5Vdc, while RA1 doesn't (as it was designed to be powered by connecting it to an ILMS0010), so it can be harmful for the board.
You can identify RA1 because it has two connectors on each side of the board, while RA2 has only two connectors on one side (it has the pads on the other side, but they aren't populated).
== How to upgrade ILMS0015-RA1 to ILMS0015-RA2 ==
{{Message/Warning Message|title=Disclaimer|message=Modifying your board automatically removes any kind of guaranty. Do it at your own risk.}}
To upgrade your IGEP New York to revision RA2, in order to power your board through the accessible pins, you must solder a 4.7Vdc zener diode between TP1 and ground (nearest ground is the one from MOSFET Q1's drain) to act as a linear voltage regulator. The way to do it is by soldering the zener's cathode (marked with a strip) to TP1 and the diode's anode to ground (Q1's drain pad).
== Remote connection via USB Ethernet Gadget ==