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Do you feel lost? Here you will learn what is the primal procedure to boot an igep board using igep firmware.

The primal procedure is to obtain a bootloader, a kernel, a dtb and a rootfs. There are two ways to archieve this.

  1. Build your own distribution
  2. Use IGEP Firmware(ready to boot !)

Build your own distribuition

In order to build your own igep firmware, you need to download the sources of the software you want to build and then compile them. Generally you want to start downloading and compiling u-boot, later you will download and compile kernel and finally you will download a rootfs and install the kernel modules you've already compiled into the rootfs. Finally you need to put in proper way all this software to an SD and boot your igep !

To archieve this You need to complete these guides in the following order:

  1. U-boot Bootloader
  2. Linux Kernel
  3. IGEP Firmware set-up ( Here you will find the rootfs )
  4. How to prepare a bootable MicroSD Card

Use IGEP Firmware

If you  don't feel in the mood to complete all those tutorials you are lucky because using igep precompiled software  can still boot your igep board !

  1. Get IGEP Firmware set-up of your igep board

Now you are ready to visit your igep board Getting Started page !