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This article is for specific 2.6.37.y Linux kernel branch serie.
It is interesting read The Linux kernel article previously.

On this 2.6.37.y version, supported IGEP Processor Boards are:

  • IGEP v2 (IGEP0020)

The currently supported IGEP Expansion Boards are as follows:


Older IGEP devices (Marvell wifi and NO wifi versions) - P/N: IGEP0020-RCxx, IGEP0030-RExx, IGEP0020-RF7x and IGEP0030-RG7x

Binaries: latest stable kernel version for older IGEP devices is: 2.6.37-11 (20151008)

See Linux_Kernel_2.6.37.y

Newer IGEP devices (TI Wilink8 wifi versions) - P/N: IGEP0020-RF6x, IGEP0030-RG6x

Binaries: latest stable kernel version for newer IGEP devices is: 2.6.37-11-wilink8 (20151008)

Platform Kernel source Compat Wireless source zImage binary Modules binaries
 IGEP00x0  2.6.37-11 (md5sum) compat-wireless-wilink8-0 (md5sum) zImage-2.6.37-11-wilink8.bin (md5sum) modules-2.6.37-11-wilink8 (md5sum)

Build kernel from sources

Download the latest stable version sources (same version/branch for all newer and older igep00x0 devices) and follow next steps:

tar xzf linux-omap-2.6.37-11.tar.gz
cd [kernel version]

Configure Linux kernel for IGEP devices. IGEP is ARM architecture based device. For newer wilink8 wifi version, it should be used a new 'igep00x0_wilink8_defconfig' file. (patch)

make ARCH=arm igep00x0_wilink8_defconfig

Then build the kernel and kernel modules. The result will be an zImage file in arch/arm/boot directory. Execute:

make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=[your cross compiler] zImage modules

For example, if you are using IGEP SDK Toolchain (How to setup a cross compiler) then you should execute following cmdline:

make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-poky-linux-gnueabi- zImage modules

You can install the kernel modules to your target rootfs

make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=[your cross compiler] INSTALL_MOD_PATH=[path to your target rootfs] modules_install

Download the Compat-Wireless version sources and follow next steps:

tar xzf compat-wireless-wilink8-0.tar.gz
cd compat-wireless-wilink8-0

Load (modify if it is needed) the environment file (setup-env-wl18xx-rmd):

source setup-env-wl18xx-rmd

Compile the Compat-Wireless modules:

make KLIB_BUILD=${KLIB_BUILD} modules

Install the compat-wireless modules to your target rootfs

make KLIB_BUILD=${KLIB_BUILD} KLIB=${ROOTFS} install-modules

Kernel Parameters

See Linux_Kernel_2.6.37.y - Wilink 8