IGEP module standalone

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IGEP Module don't require a baseboard for boot. You only must connect the OTG to your PC or use a HUB in this way the module be configured as OTG Device.

Power the module without use the OTG and without baseboard.

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Warning: You can damage your hardware and your module using this information. Modifying or manipulating the IGEP Module or following this how to can end with the lose of all warranty.

5V Input DC pad in the below image you can find the 5VDC pad. You must connect the positive (+) 5 VDC here.


Also you must find a GND pad, I suggest you use the OTG pads due it's enought big for solder your wire.

Connect your (-) GND to this pad.

Now you can power the module using these (VCC, GND) pads.

Use The OTG as Host with the Module in Standalone.

The module has a 0 Ohms resistor for protect the 5VDC regulator that acts when you plug the OTG cable for act has HOST.

You must remove this resistor if you wish use the OTG as host in standalone, if you wish use a baseboard then you must install it again.

You must desolder the resistor R200 that it's in the red circle in the below image.


Final Result

You can power the board from your 5VDC prefered power supply and use it as OTG Host for your gadgets ... 

In this case I used a IGEP Module without WIFI/BT module and use it with a external WIFI dongle ...

IGEP Module standalone gadget.JPG