IGEP Technology devices

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IGEP™ Technology consists of:

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Development tools


  • IGEP Processor Boards
  • IGEP Expansion Boards
  • IGEP Radar Technology
  • ISEE Firmware
    • IGEP X-Loader
    • IGEP Kernel
    • IGEP Firmware Yocto
  • IGEP SDK Virtual Machine
  • IGEP SDK Yocto Toolchain
  • IGEP DSP Gstreamer
  • ...
  • IGEP Devices Support
    • Hardware Manuals
    • Software Manuals
    • Schematics
    • Pinout & Mechanical
  • Official & Community Support
  • ...

The ISEE Generic Enhanced Platform (IGEP) concept was created in 2008 by ISEE.

It is based on very small processor boards that run Open Source and Property Operating Systems, combined with ready to use development tools (SDK, Pre-installed VMs and Toolchain).

The IGEP™ Technology is designed production ready, fast and full integration for industrial market.

IGEP™ Technology Devices

ISEE provides IGEP Technology devices like

IGEP™ Processor Boards

Processor Boards are based on ARM Processor technology.

These are low-power consumption and completely fan less processors that, combined with other high technology hardware, results in Laptop Performance in Small & Quiet Systems that can take control of many industrial applications.

IGEP™ Expansion Boards

Expansion Boards are designed to expand the connectivity of the Processor Boards, making possible to add more features and peripherals to the Main Board. It is the best way to use all the capabilities of the Processor Boards.

IGEP™ Radar technology

The IGEP Radar Technology consists of a FMCW RADAR- system which operates in the 24GHz band.

ISEE Firmware

If you have a brand new IGEP Processor Board you must know that it comes with a firmware provided and installed on it by ISEE.

By default, if you power up your board it will run the software on the flash. But you can prepare a MicroSD card and boot from it by inserting it to the MicroSD card reader of your IGEP Processor Board, as it has more priority than the flash.

The pre-installed software consists of a minimal Linux-based distribution with a lite X Window System and GNOME Mobile based applications created with Yocto Platform Builder, including:

  • IGEP X-Loader
  • IGEP Kernel
  • IGEP Firmware Yocto

Development tools

Here there is a list of some of the available development tools for IGEP Technology:

Support and other resources

Some of the available resources related to the IGEP Technology are:

  • IGEP Devices Support
  • IGEP Community Wiki
  • IGEP Community Forum
  • IGEP Community Chat
  • IGEP Community GIT Repository

Know more at the Resources page.