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What is?

IGEP gst framework it's based on TI DVSDK. It's modified for provide all DSP essential packages  and the gstreamer DSP plugin for use it in IGEP platforms.

Changes From 1.00.01

  • Upate directory structure, now it's more similar to TI dvsdk.
  • Added git information.
  • Upgrade Codec Engine package to from
  • Upgrade DMAI package to from unstable 2xx branch.
  • Upgrade DSPLink to from 1.64.
  • Upgrade EDMA to from
  • Upgrade Framework components to from
  • Upgrade GST plugin to SVN Revision 808 from version 1.01.00.
  • Upgrade linux util package to from
  • Upgrade local power manager to from 1.24.01.
  • Upgrade xdais to from
  • Added Codec Server 1.00.00.
  • Added the directory tools.
  • Added the xdctools and bios package, now it's not necessary download and install it.
  • Added the TI cg6x_7_0_1 code generation tools.
  • Update the Memory map.
  • Included a Memory map file.

Enviroment Changes

  • Upgrade the host machine to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.
  • Code Generation tools it's now included inside the directory tools.

Prepare the Enviroment

Untar the file cg6x_7_0_1.bz2 (located in tools/code_generation_tools/) in the /usr/local/ti directory if it not exist first you should create it.

How to Build

You should edit the file Rules.make for edit the package path, linux kernel  and toolchain location:

  1. Define target platform.

<span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">WORKSPACE=/media/VERBATIM_Linux/mcaro/Portatil_Backup/workspace
</span> # The installation directory of the DVSDK. #DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR=$(HOME)/workspace/myigep/igep-dsp-framework <span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR=$(WORKSPACE)/myigep/igep-dsp-framework
</span> # For backwards compatibility DVEVM_INSTALL_DIR=$(DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR) # Where DSP/BIOS is installed. BIOS_INSTALL_DIR=$(DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR)/tools/bios/bios_5_41_04_18 # Where the DSPBIOS Utils package is installed. BIOSUTILS_INSTALL_DIR=$(DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR)/biosutils_1_02_02 # Where the Codec Engine package is installed. CE_INSTALL_DIR=$(DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR)/codec_engine_2_25_05_16 # Where the TI C6x codegen tool is installed. TI_TOOLS_PREFIX=/usr/local/ti CODEGEN_INSTALL_DIR=$(TI_TOOLS_PREFIX)/cg6x_7_0_1 # Where the DSP Link package is installed. LINK_INSTALL_DIR=$(DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR)/dsplink_linux_1_65_00_02 # Where DMAI package is installed. DMAI_INSTALL_DIR=$(DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR)/dmai_2_05_00_21/dmai # Where the DVSDK demos are installed DEMO_INSTALL_DIR=$(DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR)/dvsdk_demos_3_01_00_13 # Where the DVTB package is installed. DVTB_INSTALL_DIR=$(DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR)/dvtb_4_20_05 # Where the EDMA3 LLD package is installed. EDMA3_LLD_INSTALL_DIR=$(DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR)/edma3_lld_01_11_01_04 # Where the Framework Components package is installed. FC_INSTALL_DIR=$(DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR)/framework_components_2_25_03_07 # Where the linuxlibs package is installed. #LINUXLIBS_INSTALL_DIR=$(DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR)/linuxlibs_3_01 # Where the MFC Linux Utils package is installed. LINUXUTILS_INSTALL_DIR=$(DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR)/linuxutils_2_25_04_10 CMEM_INSTALL_DIR=$(LINUXUTILS_INSTALL_DIR) # Where the local power manager package is installed. LPM_INSTALL_DIR=$(DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR)/local_power_manager_linux_1_24_02_09 ifeq ($(PLATFORM),omap3530) # Where the cs1omap3530 codec server package is installed. CODEC_INSTALL_DIR=$(DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR)/ms1omap3530_1_00_00 endif # Where the XDAIS package is installed. XDAIS_INSTALL_DIR=$(DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR)/xdais_6_25_02_11 # Where the RTSC tools package is installed. XDC_INSTALL_DIR=$(DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR)/tools/xdctools/xdctools_3_16_04_39 # The directory that points to codec engine example USER_XDC_PATH=$(CE_INSTALL_DIR)/examples # The directory that points to your OMAP35xx SDK installation directory. #OMAP3503_SDK_INSTALL_DIR=$(HOME)/workspace/myigep <span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">OMAP3503_SDK_INSTALL_DIR=$(WORKSPACE)/myigep
</span> # Gstreamer Plugin GST_OMAP3530_PLUGIN_DIR=$(DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR)/gst-ti/gstreamer_ti/ti_build GSTREAMER_DIR=/usr/include/gstreamer-0.10 # The directory that points to your kernel source directory. <span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">LINUXKERNEL_INSTALL_DIR=$(OMAP3503_SDK_INSTALL_DIR)/linux-kernel/linux-omap-2.6
</span> # The directory that points to your U-boot source directory. UBOOT_INSTALL_DIR=$(OMAP3503_SDK_INSTALL_DIR)/src/u-boot/u-boot- # The prefix to be added before the GNU compiler tools (optionally including # path), i.e. "arm-none-linux-gnueabi-" or "/opt/bin/arm-none-linux-gnueabi-". <span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">CSTOOL_DIR=/usr/local/poky/eabi-glibc
</span> MVTOOL_DIR=$(CSTOOL_DIR) MVTOOL_PREFIX=$(CSTOOL_PREFIX) # Where to copy the resulting executables EXEC_DIR=$(DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR)/target # Where the linuxlibs package is installed. LINUXLIBS_INSTALL_DIR=$(CSTOOL_DIR)/arm-none-linux-gnueabi/usr 

You have two options: build all or every package individually.

a) All packages


b) One package

make <package_name>

make dmai

make gst

make dsplink

For clean the build you should execute:

make clean


make <package_name>_clean


make dmai_clean

make dsplink_clean

make gst_clean


Copy the directory target inside your IGEP board.

Inside IGEPv2 board you should copy the gst plugin inside the plugins directory, normally inside /usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10

We included some files for configure, load and unload the kernel modules as loadmodules.sh and unloadmodules.sh

You should call the loadmodules.sh script before you can execute gstreamer.