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What is?

IGEP gst framework it's based on TI DVSDK. It's modified for provide all DSP essential packages  and the gstreamer DSP plugin for use it in IGEP platforms.

Changes From 1.00.01

  • Upate directory structure, now it's more similar to TI dvsdk.
  • Added git information.
  • Upgrade Codec Engine package to from
  • Upgrade DMAI package to from unstable 2xx branch.
  • Upgrade DSPLink to from 1.64.
  • Upgrade EDMA to from
  • Upgrade Framework components to from
  • Upgrade GST plugin to SVN Revision 808 from version 1.01.00.
  • Upgrade linux util package to from
  • Upgrade local power manager to from 1.24.01.
  • Upgrade xdais to from
  • Added Codec Server 1.00.00.
  • Added the directory tools.
  • Added the xdctools and bios package, now it's not necessary download and install it.
  • Added the TI cg6x_7_0_1 code generation tools.

Enviroment Changes

  • Upgrade the host machine to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.
  • Code Generation tools it's now included inside the directory tools.