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Available templates for using in IGEP Community articles.

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Using templates

Templates is a great MediaWiki feature that allows to use different pages to create the content of a final page.

It consists on the creation of a 'master' page, which can include customized parameters, and other pages that include that content in their page code.

In this page, there is the organization of the templates in the IGEP Community Wiki.

Feel free to use, edit and create templates!

Information.jpg If you are not familiar with templates, visit .

How to use an existing template

  1. Visit the main Templates page at Category:Templates.
  2. Select the category of the Template you are searching for such Message, Navigation, Table, Content, etc.
  3. Navigate through the summary page, where there is an overview of every Template in that category with a basic description of its content and a link to the actual Template, in case you want to edit it.
  4. Once you have found the right template, stay at the summary page and copy the Usage field of the template.
  5. Paste this line into the page you want that content to appear.
  6. In case the template has parameters, read the summary page to know its usage and then replace the content of the parameters with your customized text.

How to create a new template

  1. Visit the main Templates page at Category:Templates.
  2. Check of any existing related templates to make sure if there actually exists a template that could be used in your case.
  3. If not, start a new template following this steps:
    1. Decide which of category fits better with your template: Message, Navigation, Table, Content.
    2. Start the new template using Templates:CATEGORY/ as the prefix of your Template title (for example: Templates:Message/<Name of your template>). This will make it easier to locate existing templates for other users when listing the existing templates by name.
    3. Complete the title of your Template with the name. Use capitalized letters for the first letter of each word. (for example: Templates:Message/Setup Warning).
    4. Create your article. If you wish to use parameters, you can create by using {{{Your_Parameter}}}.
    5. When you finish your work, return to the corresponding summary page (for example at Templates:Message, if you picked the Message category) and add a new entry so that users can find your template and use it.

Copy paste the following code to the summary page and fill it with the right content, so that other users can easily use your template in the future:

=== TITLE ===

Visit [[Template:Name Of The Page]] to edit




Copy the following text line in your article:

 <nowiki>{{Name Of The Page|Parameter1=PARAMETER1_CONTENT|Parameter2=PARAMETER2_CONTENT}}


  • PARAMETER1_CONTENT: Description of the content that has to he inserted.
  • PARAMETER2_CONTENT: Description of the content that has to he inserted.

How to insert a sections from other articles


How to create and insert custom sections from other articles

In the original article, you must insert these tags:

< section begin=SECTION_NAME />
< section end=SECTION_NAME />

In the article you want to insert the original content, add:


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