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=== RADR0010 Main Page  ===
=== RADR0010 Main Page  ===

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RADR0010 Main Page

RADR0010 consists on IGEP RADAR LAMBDA and IGEP RADAR SENSOR ORION, two K-Band Radar Sensor Technology Demonstrators. They are designed for using World-Wide 24GHz ISM Band.

This boards are compatible with many Processor Boards to Control and Signal Processing.
Complete Option is compatible with IGEPv2, IGEP COM MODULE, BEAGLEBOARD and GUMSTIX OVERO.

Main resources for IGEP RADAR LAMBDA
Official IGEP RADAR LAMBDA Manual & Technical Specifications

Main resources for IGEP RADAR SENSOR ORION
Radar Kit v2.jpg
Official IGEP RADAR SENSOR ORION Manual & Technical Specifications

Other resources

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