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= List of IGEP0022 devices =
{{Table/IGEP Technology Devices
IGEP0022 consists on IGEPv2 EXPANSION, an IGEP Expansion Board for IGEPv2'''.<br>
This IGEP Expansion Board can be attached to any IGEPv2 for testing more features and interfaces than the native from IGEPv2. It has been designed for those developers who want to test even more capabilities of the IGEP Technology.<br>

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List of IGEP0022 devices

The best way to expand funcionalities on IGEPv2

Add enhanced ports and additional hardware to your IGEPv2. Plug it easily into your board without having to engineer the components yourself. The perfect complement to experience with many extra features made simple & quick.



Contact Sales Dept.

IGEPv2 EXPANSION Custom design

Contact Sales Dept.

ISEE offers customization service starting from a 100 units order

Size 65mm x 95mm
igepv2 expansion front.png
  • UART:
    • 1 x RS232 (DB9)
  • Video:
    • 1 x VGA Video Output (D-SUB)
    • 2 x S-'Video or Composite Video Input '(RCA)
    • 1 x LCD interface
      for 4.3 and 7 TFT
    • 1 x Resistive touchscreen interface
  • 1 x CAN interface
  • RTC
  • Wireless connectivity:
    • GSM/GPRS: Quad Band Modem (Telit GE865)
    • 1 x SIM Card reader
  • 1 x EEPROM
  • 1 x Camera interface
Custom designs can include all left columns options

Contact Sales Dept.

  • 1 x External GSM/GPRS Antenna connector
Custom designs can include all left columns options

Compatible Processor Boards

IGEP Technology processor boards compatible with IGEPv2 EXPANSION

igepv2 expansion front.png

IGEP Technology Expansion Boards compatible with IGEPv2 EXPANSION

Custom design


  • Display: easily checks your graphic and user interface developments
  • Debug your applications through the RS-232 interface and test your communications through any of the RS-232 and CAN interfaces
  • Reduce Time to Market of your products
  • Industrial range (-40 to 85ºC)
  • Extended life range
  • Firmware: IGEPv2 EXPANSION is compatible with IGEPv2. These Processor Board has software support for this Expansion Board with the IGEP Firmware Yocto, the pre-installed software provided and installed by ISEE that consists of a minimal Linux-based distribution, including:
    • IGEP X-Loader: a bootloader compatible with all IGEP Processor Boards
    • IGEP Kernel: a Linux Kernel maintained by ISEE
    • IGEP Firmware Yocto: a lite X Window System with GNOME Mobile based applications
  • Developing tools:
    • IGEP SDK Yocto Toolchain
    • IGEP SDK Virtual Machine
    • IGEP DSP Gstreamer Framework
    • IGEP QEMU emulator
  • IGEP Community:
    • Getting started guides
    • Application tutorials
    • Support forum
    • Live Support IRC Channel
    • GIT repositories
  • Other resources:
    • Hardware Manual
    • Software Manual
    • Mechanical drawings

Getting started with IGEPv2 EXPANSION

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