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The information in this Wiki is sorted by categories. The main categories are listed in this page.

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Many IGEP Technology related tutorials.

IGEP Technology devices

Main resources of all IGEP Technlogy Devices

IGEP Technology Devices Guides

Tutorials and Basic information about all IGEP Technology Devices.


Many available resources related to the IGEP Technology.


Articles related to the basic software needed to run any IGEP Processor Board.

Category:Boot loaders

IGEP X-loader, U-boot, X-loader, etc.

Category:Linux Kernel

Articles related to the Linux Kernel.

Category:Software distributions

Articles related to many software distributions, including Android and Ubuntu.


Articles related to Hardware.



Articles related to development under IGEP Technology

Category:Development tools

IGEP SDK, Virtual Machines, and other developing tools.

Category:How to forge

Many tutorials and development tricks.

Category:Software applications

Software applications and examples for IGEP Devices.


Gstreamer, pipelines, IGEP GST Framework, etc.

Category:IGEP Community

Many maintenance pages in the IGEP Community Wiki.