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(See also)
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=See also=
=See also=
* [[TPS65950]]
* [[TPS65910]]
* [[TPS65910]]

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Texas Instruments AM335x

custom diagram 4 AM3352.jpg
custom diagram 1 AM3352.jpg

MPU Subsystem

POWERVR SGX™ Graphics Accelerator (SGX530 Imagination Technologies) Only (AM3354, AM3358, AM3359)

  • Tile Based Architecture delivering 10 MPoly/sec
  • Universal Scalable Shader Engine: Multi-threaded Engine Incorporating Pixel and Vertex Shader Functionality
  • Industry Standard API Support: OpenGLES 1.1 and 2.0, OpenVG1.0
  • Fine Grained Task Switching, Load Balancing, and Power Management
  • Programmable High Quality Image Anti-Aliasing

Fully Software-Compatible With ARM9™

Commercial and Extended Temperature Grades


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