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This article explains how to setup the video screensaver on IGEP boards.

In the pre-installed software of the IGEP boards the Video Screensaver is active, but you can easily disable or configure it with this howto.

Kernel Console Screensaver

The Linux kernel has self own vtty screensaver and it can suspend the video output. The default screensaver timeout value is 10 * 60 (10 minutes) but it can be changed or disabled using a kernel command line parameter:


where: "timeout_value" is the time in seconds to launch the screensaver. (0 disables the screensaver)

You can add this parameter to your igep.ini file and control the kernel tty screensaver.

Information.jpg Please read the kernel documentation about console parameters at The IGEP X-loader

X Server screensaver

X Server has own self screensaver that is controlled by xset command, the X Server screensaver default value is set to 10 minutes.

The xset command provides a set of options for control the screensaver, execute the command and read the help provided.


Example to disable the screensaver:

xset -display localhost:0 s off

You can create your persistent rule using the xorg.conf file under Section "ServerLayout"

Useful links

http://www.shallowsky.com/linux/x-screen-blanking.html http://www.jwz.org/xscreensaver/man1.html